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MMMM . . . NEW Donuts!!

MAY 12

5 new reviews, exciting NEW site features, major bug fixes and much MORE!!

Assorted homepage changes including two more Bongo Bonus Stamps and a ribbon award I made for WebPlus Gallery that  has featured our site which is great news!

content; 5 new reviews are up including Simpsons Super Spectacular #1:

Simpsons Comics #7, Simpsons Comics #8 and Simpsons Comics #9
Krusty Comics #1 and Simpsons Super Spectacular #1

Subsequently, 4 new sections are now opened for Krusty and Super Spectacular for Comic Reviews and Comic Quotes respectively.

New reviews means new comic quotes, a crazy 29 of them:

23 new quotes for the Simpsons Comics
- 1 new quote
for Krusty and 5 new quotes for Super Spectacular

As a result, the following pages have updated:

The Rating System (revised criteria and new number/wording system), Comic Rankings (with more info), Editor’s Choice (new layout with the inclusion of two more comics), About Us (updated banner image and donation info) and Sitemap (new links and banner image)

(SITE DEVELOPMENTS) ENHANCED MENUS, BACK COVERS AND REFINED LAYOUTS: New enhanced thumbnail menu system for reviews and comic quotes (comic image viewer lightbox system). Back cover art for reviews where cover art exists. Lastly, I have gone through and edited most pages with assorted fixes, improved load times and implemented much needed design and positioning. Earlier comic quotes have been remade for consistency.

(FIXED) MOBILE BUGS AND ADDTHIS CODE UPDATE: Issues that have been plaguing all reviews on mobile phones with the text being cut at the end have been fixed. The search box below and the donation button in About Us has been fixed. The AddThis code for the homepage has been fixed and the counter will not reset if you click ‘HOME’ anymore.

Please read the updated information about donations in About Us. Thank you!